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압도적인강의력 신들린 적중률

Part 1

1. D) A customer is purchasing some plants.

2. C) He is washing in front of the car.

3. D) The man is operating a machine. 

4. C) Some books have been placed on shelves. 

5. C) Some people are seated in outdoor dining area. 

6. A) One of the women is waiting at a counter.

Part 2


7. B) Because it has been so cold

8. B) By talking to the coach 

9. A) Yes, next Tuesday 

10. A) Sure, what time is good for you? 

11. A) Here's the event schedule. 

12. C) Yes, business has been slow. 

13. C) In three weeks 

14. B) Because I'm waiting for my manager 

15. A) No, my second 

16. A) It's already been taken care of. 

17. B) Of course, just a moment 

18. A) Hmm, do you have any tea? 

19. B) Let's just save it for now 

20. A) It just broke this morning. 

21. C) It's a great color on you. 

22. A) They are high quality. 

23. B) OK, I'm feeling lucky today. 

24. B) Mr. Harlow is in charge of accounting now. 

25. C) They're going to renew their contract. 

26. A) Good, let's take him to lunch 

27. C) Our accountant is on his way. 

28. A) Here is the paperwork from the manufacturer. 

29. B) Why did you buy a smaller one? 

30. B) No, the customer requested linen. 

31. C) The kitchen is very busy.

Part 3

32. A) He cannot access some internet sites. 

33. B) Get approval from a supervisor 

34. D) A meeting is taking place soon. 

35. B) A clothing company 

36. D) They are handmade. 

37. C) Hiring temporary staff 

38. B) At a hair salon 

39. D) To celebrate a holiday 

40. A) Put up a sign 

41. A) At a shipping company 

42. A) A shipment is late. 

43. B) Talk with some managers 

44. D) At a paint store 

45. C) Learn a new skill 

46. A) A job opportunity 

47. D) Gardening techniques 

48. C) An item may arrive too late. 

49. A) At shipping address 

50. C) Newspaper reporters 

51. C) A schedule was changed. 

52. B) Send an e-mail 

53. C) A mobile translation application 

54. B) A function's accuracy 

55. A) Meeting a deadline 

56. A) A physician 

57. D) To agree with a suggestion (← 내가 운동 루틴을 잘 모르는 것이 맞다.) 

58. B) Meet with a specialist 

59. D) She has good problem-solving skills. 

60. B) Her professional goals 

61. C) A job opportunity will be available. (← ~~~가 곧 은퇴할 것이다.) 

62. D) 89 

63. A) Parking availability 

64. C) Eating at a nearby restaurant 

65. D) He was talking to a client. 

66. A) Parked cars will be cooler. 

67. B) Best-shield Premium 

68. C) $200 

69. D) A seating area 

70. C) A meal voucher

Part 4

71. D) A TV reporter 

72. A) Weather conditions are poor. 

73. B) Check a web site 

74. B) A printer 

75. B) Wireless connectivity 

76. B) Avoid waste 

77. D) To celebrate an employee's retirement 

78. B) Promoting technological innovations 

79. D) Watch a video 

80. C) To praise a colleague 

81. D) Generating ideas 

82. C) Costs 

83. D) An annual sale 

84. C) By using social media 

85. A) Discuss the results of a report 

86. A) She injured her wrist. 

87. D) A surgeon 

88. D) Some listeners' work schedules may change. 

89. D) Adding a wing to the museum 

90. D) Speak to visitors 

91. B) It will provide a contest prize. 

92. C) It is a sponsor of the show. 

93. B) The listeners should expect some stores to be closed. 

94. D) An interview 

95. C) The creative use of spices

96. B) It will use a questionnaire. 

97. D) Jingdao Hang 

98. A) A fund-raiser was successful. 

99. C) In the Contemporary Art Gallery 

100. B) Noise will not be a problem.

Part 5


101. A) clean 

102. D) free 

103. A) greatly 

104. B) pickup 

105. A) its 

106. D) carefully 

107. C) rise 

108. B) by 

109. D) luckily 

110. A) membership 

111. A) costly 

112. C) Although 

113. B) combination 

114. B) confidently 

115. C) personal 

116. A) less 

117. C) potentially 

118. B) since 

119. D) attendees 

120. A) for 

121. A) express 

122. C) entitled 

123. C) much 

124. D) whether 

125. C) whoever 

126. C) specifications 

127. A) about 

128. A) undergoing 

129. D) whereas 

130. B) enthusiastically

Part 6

131. B) snacks 

132. C) The resulting batch of crunchy balls is packed with protein and fiber. 

133. A) thinly 

134. A) mixed 

135. A) instructions

136. B) until 

137. D) The straps should feel snug against your body. 

138. C) adjust 

139. D) previously 

140. c) premium 

141. D) As I understand it, my monthly cost will increase by $20. 

142. C) this 

143. A) The decision was made at the council's most recent monthly meeting. 

144. B) will house 

145. A) sites 

146. B) competitive

Part 7


147. B) A romantic comedy 

148. C) A preview of parts of a film

149. D) Some equipment will turn on automatically. 

150. A) He is grateful for Mr. Douglass' help. (← 제가 빚졌네요.)

151. C) Opportunities for employment 

152. D) Specialized training

153. C) She joined a mailing list. 

154. B) The items will be delivered to Ms. Siraisi's home.

155. C) To describe a policy that will soon be implemented 

156. B) Grass near roadsides will be cut less often. 

157. D) Increased property values for homeowners

158. A) They are available in a variety places. 

159. D) It increased its advertising efforts. 

160. A) [1]

161. A) He attended a trad fair. 

162. C) It provides regular progress reports to clients. 

163. D) performed (= handled)

164. C) Their talents are well matched. 

165. C) He bakes scones and muffins. 

166. B) It can be enjoyable to listen to. 

167. B) The baked good sell out quickly.

168. B) To acknowledge a course completion 

169. A) It offers both online and in-person instruction. 

170. D) She has earned all the credits she needs for a certification. 

171. B) [2]

172. B) Members of a book club 

173. C) He enjoys organizing the group. (← 천만해요.) 

174. D) An online store 

175. C) In Mission Bay

176. C) To describe a plan 

177. B) Low pricing 

178. D) He took advantage of a special offer. 

179. A) satisfactory (= decent) 

180. B) It manufactures a wide variety of cutting tools.

181. A) To announce new responsibilities for employees 

182. A) Entering and updating client account information 

183. D) By November 1 

184. C) Mr. Clarke's 

185. D) He will be attending an event at his son's school.

186. A) It left out an important detail about Ms.Gwilym's education. 

187. D) To ask a colleague to verify a fact 

188. B) Ms. Philby 

189. A) Encouragement for readers to provide feedback 

190. C) In June

191. B) Business owners 

192. C) To inform staff of a change 

193. A) It will be hosted by a sports organization. 

194. D) At 7:00 pm 

195. B) Branford Building Association

196. B) Its performance schcedule has been extended. 

197. D) It provides free parking for patrons. 

198. A) Premier Guest 

199. C) He enjoyed the play on March 20. 

200. B) Purchase Show Day tickets online  

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